[pass] Patch and discussion for scriptable interface to pass

Allan Odgaard lists+pass at simplit.com
Fri Feb 5 05:52:45 CET 2016

On 5 Feb 2016, at 9:06, Lucas Hoffmann wrote:

> pass script-interface prefix    -- prints the location of the password
> 				   store, so users do not have to
> 				   understand the (admittedly simple)
> 				   logic with $PASSWORD_STORE_DIR

Perhaps instead a command to print pass variables.

For example I have needed `PASSWORD_STORE_CLIP_TIME` myself (and had to 
hardcode the current default value of 45).

And in general, I would drop the `script-interface` command. I 
understand that it is to emphasize that the output is stable, but I 
think for these simple things, the expectation would be stable output.

> pass script-interface entries   -- print password entries (gpg files
> 				   with extension removed) in a
> 				   find-like format
> pass script-interface dirs      -- print directories that contain
> 				   entries in an find like format

I suggest instead adding `[--list,-l]` and `[--dirs,-d]` to the `pass 
[ls]` command.

> pass script-interface dirs2     -- (faster implementation of dirs)

Why not use this code for the `dirs` command?

> pass script-interface keys      -- list all usable gpg keys

What is the use-case for this?

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