[pass] Patch and discussion for scriptable interface to pass

Lucas Hoffmann l-m-h at web.de
Fri Feb 5 06:10:30 CET 2016

Quoting Allan Odgaard (2016-02-05 05:52:45)
> On 5 Feb 2016, at 9:06, Lucas Hoffmann wrote:
> > pass script-interface dirs2     -- (faster implementation of dirs)
> Why not use this code for the `dirs` command?
I left both in the script in order to compare them with this:
In the end only one should be merged.

> > pass script-interface keys      -- list all usable gpg keys
> What is the use-case for this?
The completion functions.

The idea about exposing more variables makes sense to me.  The question
of subcommands vs options is up to taste.  I will wait for further votes
on this (no preference from me).
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