[pass] Setup for multiple password stores

Anne Jan Brouwer the_jinx at etv.cx
Mon Feb 8 19:55:50 CET 2016

I use the PASSWORD_STORE_DIR environment variable. 

And so do the QtPass "profiles".

Anne Jan

On 8 February 2016 19:51:35 CET, Adam Liter <adam.liter at gmail.com> wrote:
>I'm wondering what setup folks use for having multiple password stores,
>particularly when one of those password stores is shared between 
>multiple people.
>Currently, I'm using a .git directory inside of ~/.password-store that 
>has git submodules.
>For example, I currently have the following directory structure:
>	├─ .password-store
>		├─ personal
>		└─ collaborative-project
>where personal is my personal store of passwords and 
>collaborative-project contains passwords for a project that I'm working
>on with somebody else. Both of these are submodules of the top-level
>directory so that the collaborative-project—but not the 
>personal—repository can be shared with somebody else via git cloning, 
>pushing, and pulling from/to a cloud-hosted git repository.
>However, this setup causes the automatic git committing that pass does 
>to break. For example, running:
>	pass generate personal/asdf 22
>	fatal: Pathspec '/Users/adamliter/.password-store/personal/asdf.gpg'
>in submodule 'personal'
>	The generated password for personal/asdf is:
>	py?Je17K6Bfs|Pj at qspgE1
>So it does generate the password, but the git commits are not correctly
>Currently, I'm just manually committing things myself, but I'm
>if there is a better setup or workflow to deal with this sort of 
>(And thanks, Jason, for an awesome password manager! :) )
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