[pass] Tree names with gpg extensions (documentation question?)

Patrick Davey patrick.davey at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 17:17:13 CET 2016


I have just installed password-store on the advice of lots of friends! -
loving it. I am currently using it on osx, and I was creating some test
files and running pass.

The output of pass gives me:

Password Store
├── something.gpg
└── test.gpg

Which is very slightly different from what is shown on the homepage
https://www.passwordstore.org/ (using the password store section)
where the files are shown without the .gpg extension. I was wondering if
the documentation is out of date, or if I have initialized it slightly
incorrectly. I cloned the repo to see if I could update the homepage, but
doesn't look like it's contained there.

The reason I ask, is, partly, that I hadn't included the bash-completion to
begin with, and when I initially typed `pass something.gpg` I got an error
(error: something.gpg is not in the password store.) which was slightly
confusing. Typing `pass something` works perfectly as expected (and as the
autocompletion completes to)

Anyway, it's all working, apologies for what may be a very basic question!

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