[pass] Yet another Alfred workflow (OS X)

Allan Odgaard lists+pass at simplit.com
Tue Jan 19 13:52:52 CET 2016

Thanks for sharing, this made me look into the options and after testing 
a few, for me the most suitable workflow is this one: 

It has a filter script so you can search your password store from 
Alfred, and it handles GPG agents (recommends installing `pinentry-mac` 
so that you’ll get a graphical dialog when prompted for passphrase, 
optionally storing the passphrase in the system key chain).

Kind regards Allan

On 4 Jan 2016, at 12:30, Johan Thorén wrote:

> Hi.
> Thanks for Pass! It’s essential for me since I decided that I no 
> longer trust LastPass. I created (yet another) Alfred workflow to 
> quickly access my password-store. I found the other alternatives too 
> complicated. The only thing my workflow does is to copy the password 
> to the clipboard and to notify when the clipboard has been cleared. 
> That’s the only thing I need.
> https://github.com/johanthoren/simple-pass-alfred
> Johan Thorén
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