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Lucas Hoffmann l-m-h at web.de
Tue Jan 26 10:05:50 CET 2016

Quoting Dashamir Hoxha (2016-01-26 08:11:44)
>    But, from the man page:
>    "PASSWORD_STORE_GPG_OPTS: Additional options to be passed to all
>    invocations of GPG."
>    It does not say that it is an array. And if it is a string, then there are
>    no problems
>    inside the script. 

Environment variables are always strings.  There is no other
possibility.  Non the less arrays are the best choice for use *inside*
one script.

I would not advise the use of aliases inside scripts.  Functions are
more powerful and less error prone (less quoting issues).  From the bash
man page:

> The rules concerning the definition and use of aliases are somewhat
> confusing. Bash always reads at least one complete line of input
> before executing any of the commands on that line.  Aliases are
> expanded when a command is read, not when it is executed.  Therefore,
> an alias definition appearing on the same line as another command does
> not take effect until the next line of input is	read.  The
> commands following the alias definition on that line are not affected
> by the new alias.

(The fish shell for example does not imlement aliases at all, only

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