[pass] [external contrib] Introducing passmux, a script to get password in tmux using fzf

Hugh Davenport hugh at davenport.net.nz
Wed Jul 6 05:00:13 CEST 2016

July 6 2016 1:55 PM, "Hugo Osvaldo Barrera" <hugo at barrera.io> wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 5, 2016, at 18:44, Hugh Davenport wrote:
>> TLDR, see https://github.com/hughdavenport/passmux
>> This is a script that will open a new tmux pane below current pane, pipe
>> all available passwords through fzf (a fuzzing searcher), and use
>> keychain to control the gpg agent. All of those tools are currently
>> hardcoded, but patches could change that in future, just works for my
>> usecase atm.
>> Cheers,
>> Hugh
> I'm not sure what value keychain adds to gpg-agent, but this worked
> great for me without it (though I did get a console error that is was
> missing).

Yeh, that is just my current setup having it. Feel free to file an issue
about it, and send a PR if you like, otherwise I'll do it eventually
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> Hugo Osvaldo Barrera
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