[pass] Bash/Zsh completion for multiple password stores?

Dominic Sonntag dominic.sonntag at unitedprint.com
Tue Mar 8 08:23:41 CET 2016


I'm quite new to pass and I migrated from KeePass.
I have two password stores in use, one I share with my team and a
personal one. They live in the two directories ~/.global-password-store
and ~/.password-store and are git repos.

I created an alias:

alias gpass='PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=/home/dsonntag/.global-password-store pass'

so now I can use gpass instead of pass to access our team password
store. But gpass has no completion.

I'm using the zsh with the pass plugin, so completion for the pass
command works fine.

How can I setup the completion for my alias without having to
copy-paste-edit the completion definition?

Another possible solution could be to have both password repositories in
a subdirectory of ~/.password-store, like ~/.password-store/team/ and

But as these are two different git repositories I might get problems if
pass tries to commit or push as it will probably try to do it from the
top dir.

Kind regards
Dominic Sonntag

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