[pass] Bash/Zsh completion for multiple password stores?

Gabriel Filion gabster at lelutin.ca
Tue Mar 8 16:42:10 CET 2016

Hi there,

Dominic Sonntag:
> I'm quite new to pass and I migrated from KeePass.
> I have two password stores in use, one I share with my team and a
> personal one. They live in the two directories ~/.global-password-store
> and ~/.password-store and are git repos.
> I created an alias:
> alias gpass='PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=/home/dsonntag/.global-password-store pass'
> so now I can use gpass instead of pass to access our team password
> store. But gpass has no completion.
> I'm using the zsh with the pass plugin, so completion for the pass
> command works fine.
> How can I setup the completion for my alias without having to
> copy-paste-edit the completion definition?

I got completion working for an alias with bash-completion stuff:


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