[pass] Feature Proposal: Edit Before Save and Commit

al vie7fohd.pwdstrml.al at il5.in
Sun Mar 20 19:20:22 CET 2016


Long-time fan of this utility.  It is the first PM I used, at least
seriously, and I want to say thank you for great software.

A frequent problem I encounter is that I must constantly generate
passwords for weaker sites (I am new to the list, so let's all crack up
and suppose banking sites).  I use the following command of course.

> pass generate -c folder/my-crappy-insecure-web-app-du-jour 24

Only to discover after the fact the vague, and often completely
unpublished, password requirements are weaker than even advertised.  So
I must go through a constant hair-pulling

> pass git reset --hard HEAD~1

or fill my git logs with tons of subsequent re-gens or edits to manually
get creative.  Would anyone be interested in a parameter for generate
that is like copy, but also opens up the pre-generated password in a
buffer **before saving** such that you can test and tweak it without
5-10 commits, like yours truly?

If that something you all are willing to accept, I will work on a patch.

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