[pass] Missing accounts when miraging from lastpass csv file

βίος bookletchoir at mail.com
Mon Mar 21 08:43:09 CET 2016


I’m making a move from |lastpass| to |pass|, and I used 
|lastpass2pass.rb| file from homepage on the |.csv| file of |lastpass|.

However, I noticed that a lot of my accounts was missing on |pass| 
database, which have the same names.

For example, to reproduce, assume I have these 3 accounts with the same 
name and from the same site on the file |testdb.csv|

http://example.com/,account_3@gmail.com,password3,,example_name,Test,0 |

Result of |lastpass2pass.rb|

|➜ ~ ./lastpass2pass testdb.csv Reading 'testdb.csv'... 3 records found! 
Records parsed: 3 Creating record Test/example_name... done! Creating 
record Test/example_name... done! Creating record Test/example_name... 
done! 3 records successfully imported! |

But, |pass| only shows 1 account on the database:

|➜ ~ pass Password Store └── Test └── example_name ➜ ~ pass 
Test/example_name password3 --- Test / example_name username: 
account_3 at gmail.com password: password3 url: http://example.com/ |

On lastpass, having duplicate names and url results in multiple entries 
for different accounts, which is in the same site.

For now, look like I can’t use |pass| yet, but I’ll wait for my problem 
to be solved so I can give another try on.

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