[pass] Help re output of command pass & where is bash completion script

Geoff & Lynne Maclean joffa at glsr.org
Mon Mar 28 11:17:20 CEST 2016

After a quick learning curve with pgp and git, I've set up pass and even
playing with qtpass so I can run it on a usb stick for work.

I've hit a small hiccup in that when I run the command pass, instead of
getting the 544 odd entries I have in a folder called All, I only get the

$ pass ls

username: openphoto
password: (none)
url: http://gwmaclean.openphoto.me/

I can't see that entry in qtpass, or in my .password-store folder (using
Arch Linux with gnome 3 with show hidden files enabled)

If I run pass All I can see my other entries i.e.:

$ pass All

I tried variations of pass rm none, (none) or '(none)' but it tells me
that none or (none) is not in the password store, or bash: syntax error
near unexpected token `('

My 1st question is:
How would I get ride of that (none) entry so all items show when I run just
plan old pass?

And, recently thru reddit
saw the following for when importing from Lastpass (which I did although I
am using Passwordsafe (pwsafe) and that importer didn't work at all for me):

For those who imported lastpass data, check and see if you have any data
that wasn't under any catagory. If you do it will be under a folder in
.password-store called (none). Use the command 'pass mv "(none)" Misc'.
Name it anything to save yourselves any problems later. That way everything
works perfectly. I'm shocked that I had never heard about this until now.
Time to delete my acct on Lastpass

That's what I did for my files, moving them to All.  Would that have caused
my problem above?

A suggestion I have is therefore that it would also be handy if that reddit
tip and any other tips, examples etc could be added to the web or man page.

The web page states 'There is bash
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bash_(Unix_shell)> completion
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command-line_completion> so that you can
simply hit tab to fill in names and commands' and the start of the man page
advises There is a corresponding bash completion script for use with tab
completing password names in *bash*(1).

My 2nd question is:
How do I actually find and use that script?

Thanks in advance

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