[pass] Help re output of command pass & where is bash completion script

Lucas Hoffmann l-m-h at web.de
Wed Mar 30 21:42:14 CEST 2016

Quoting Geoff & Lynne Maclean (2016-03-28 11:17:20)
> After a quick learning curve with pgp and git, I've set up pass and even
> playing with qtpass so I can run it on a usb stick for work.
> I've hit a small hiccup in that when I run the command pass, instead of
> getting the 544 odd entries I have in a folder called All, I only get the
> following:
>   $ pass ls
>   (none)
>   ---
>   username: openphoto
>   password: (none)
>   url: [1]http://gwmaclean.openphoto.me/
>   "
> I can't see that entry in qtpass, or in my .password-store folder (using
> Arch Linux with gnome 3 with show hidden files enabled)
> If I run pass All I can see my other entries i.e.:
>   $ pass All
>   All
>   ├──
>   ├──
>   etc
> I tried variations of pass rm none, (none) or '(none)' but it tells me
> that none or (none) is not in the password store, or bash: syntax error
> near unexpected token `('
> My 1st question is:
> How would I get ride of that (none) entry so all items show when I run
> just plan old pass?

Can you post the output of `find ~/.password-store -ls` and maybe `bash
-x $(which pass) ls`?  Make sure that it does not contain sensitive

> And, recently thru [2]reddit I saw the following for when importing from
> Lastpass (which I did although I am using Passwordsafe (pwsafe) and that
> importer didn't work at all for me):
>   For those who imported lastpass data, check and see if you have any data
>   that wasn't under any catagory. If you do it will be under a folder in
>   .password-store called (none). Use the command 'pass mv "(none)" Misc'.
>   Name it anything to save yourselves any problems later. That way
>   everything works perfectly. I'm shocked that I had never heard about
>   this until now. Time to delete my acct on Lastpass 
> That's what I did for my files, moving them to All.  Would that have
> caused my problem above?
> A suggestion I have is therefore that it would also be handy if that
> reddit tip and any other tips, examples etc could be added to the web or
> man page.

The man page is for pass and therefore this link would be wrong there.
Not sure about the web page.  Maybe in the migration section.

> The web page states 'There is [3]bash [4]completion so that you can simply
> hit tab to fill in names and commands' and the start of the man page
> advises There is a corresponding bash completion script for use with tab
> completing password names in bash(1).
> My 2nd question is:
> How do I actually find and use that script?

It's in the source tar ball or the git repository under src/completion:
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