[pass] [Feature Request] Add a `--raw` option to `pass ls`

Linden Krouse ztaticnull at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 23:43:55 CET 2016

So, I've been attempting to write some custom front-end-y types of
interfaces for my desktop environment and I've recently gotten to making
`pass` more convenient to use. To do so, it would be extraordinarily
helpful for there to be an option for `pass` to dump fully qualified
paths/names for it's passwords (without decrypting them). So, without
further adieu:

I propose an option for `pass ls` which will print raw paths rather than a
pretty print tree structure. For example:

Output of `pass ls`:

Password Store
├── email
│   └── address at domain.com
├── money
│   ├── bankbank1.com
│   │   └── username
│   └── bankbank2.com
│       └── username
└── web
    └── postingforum1.com
        └── username

Output of `pass ls --raw`:

email/address at domain.com

This would make parsing the current state of the store much more convenient
to anyone trying to use `pass` as their back-end data store.
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