[pass] Provide symbol set as command line argument

Michael Hoff mail at michael-hoff.net
Tue Nov 8 20:55:29 CET 2016


first of all: Really nice project!

I very often encounter the problem that services do not allow all 
symbols used by pass/pwgen.
"Your password has to contain at least one of the following symbols 
'*#_!'" (e.g. '<' is forbidden)

This does hinder my work-flow as I have to manually adapt the password 
to match the criteria.

Straight-forward solution to this problem would be to provide the symbol 
set via optional command line argument to the generate command.

Example: pass generate *-s "*#_!"* path/to/password 20

I already checked man page and source code of pwgen. Unfortunately this 
feature is not provided out of the box.

I see multiple possible solutions to this:
- Exchange pwgen with apg (possibly massive side-effects)
- Extend pwgen
- Let pass itself convert unwanted symbols generated by pwgen (hacky)

What do you think?

Michael Hoff

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