[pass] Provide symbol set as command line argument

Michael Hoff mail at michael-hoff.net
Sun Nov 13 14:57:47 CET 2016

On 13.11.2016 14:38, Jason A. Donenfeld wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 2:36 PM, Michael Hoff <mail at michael-hoff.net> wrote:
>> Hi Jason,
>> sounds like a good way to circumvent the current shortcoming.
>> I still think as long as password generation is a feature of pass, this use
>> case should be supported by the default application.
> Fair enough. Can you get this feature into upstream pwgen? Then I can
> expose it pretty easily in pass without changing dependencies and
> packaging.

I don't think that `pwgen` is the suitable application for this.

Something like
```apg -m $length -x $length -a 1 -M SNCL -n 1 -E $evilchars```
could be a drop-in replacement.

One could add the possibility to configure "SNCL" to modify the usage of 
whole charsets.
The feature asked for can than be easily implemented by just disallowing 
(-E) symbols which should not be used.
The user supplies a list of $symbols and then $evilchars = $all_symbols 
- $symbols should do the rest.

But as I'm not an expert on those tools nor security stuff, what do you 

Kind regards,


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