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> 4. Some sites limit password length and complexity in certain ways,
> it'd be nice if we could generate/steal a list of these limitations
> (ie, Bank of America doesn't allow special characters and has a 25
> char limit IIRC). So it'd be nice if i could say, generate me a new
> password for that site, and it's done.

You can already configure this using the flag --no-symbols in pass
generate or the variable PASSWORD_STORE_CHARACTER_SET if you need a
special character set (see man pass).

> 5. Automatic password resets - where possible, it'd be nice, using
> curl (or firefox/chrome where some extra - ie picture - verification
> is required), if we could say "update this password, using this
> username for this site" and pass could handle that for me.

Its already exist... but it is still in a work in progress stage:

- The extension pass update has a dev branch that proposes to implement
this feature [1].

- pass-rotate [2] is a python library that focus on the automatic
rotation of password. It is not password manager related, this is why, a
pass extension like pass update is still needed in order to integrate
pass-rotate with pass.

Both project are still under development and are notor usable at this
stage. PR are welcome...

[1] https://github.com/roddhjav/pass-update/tree/auto
[2] https://github.com/SirCmpwn/pass-rotate

So goes me thinking depending on selenium was too much to ask :)
Well, that does make things easier. Only 3 months late to this - I love it
when code pops up in front of my ideas :P

Also, given you're using tomb, I suppose having an xattr or note for the
username may be appropriate (though I haven't really looked to see how
you're currently handling this so FWIW).

Another note - you've got an error and die function that should probably
echo >&2
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