enhancement ideas

Alexandre Pujol alexandre at pujol.io
Mon Apr 24 14:34:10 CEST 2017

> So goes me thinking depending on selenium was too much to ask :) 
> Well, that does make things easier. Only 3 months late to this - I love
> it when code pops up in front of my ideas :P

The system used by pass update uses selenium, pass-rotate doesn't.
Actually, selenium is only required for a few complex website, most of
the website doesn't. Because selenium is quite slow, it is better to
avoid it if possible.

> Also, given you're using tomb, I suppose having an xattr or note for the
> username may be appropriate (though I haven't really looked to see how
> you're currently handling this so FWIW). 

No, I cannot create a pass extension supposing people are going to use
an other extension, they have to be independent from each other.
Moreover, the system already handles login, username and url.

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