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Alexandre Pujol alexandre at pujol.io
Wed Jan 11 15:29:08 CET 2017

For those that may be interested, install pass-import for arhchliux [1]

pacaur -S pass-import

[1] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/pass-import/

On 09/01/17 15:39, Alexandre Pujol wrote:
> Hi all,
> First a big thanks to Jason for the support of the extension in pass.
> There is my first extension: pass-import [1]. This is a generic import
> extension. It is very simple and works as a wrapper for the existing
> import scripts.
> I think this is a good showcase on the extension capabilities. Eg:
> - To call lastpass importer: pass import lastpass
> - To import keepass xml file: pass import keepass export.xml
> The makefile provided install it as a system extension (in
> /usr/lib/password-store/extensions/). The importers scripts are
> installed in /usr/lib/password-store/importers/.
> The man page (man pass-import) provide a (non complete yet)
> documentation on the specificities for each importer.
> The only way to install it is by hand (make install), however, for arch
> user, I'm writing a PKGBUILD.
> Feedback and contributors are all very welcome.
> Because this is one of the first extension, I think it is time to think
> on a good way to manage extension
> - Could we have an "extension hub", a webpage that list, describe and
> link to an installation process all the extension. Maybe it could be
> merged with the list of the software related to pass on passwordstore.org.
> - How to manage the command used by the extension? (two different
> extensions could have the same name)
> Regards,
> Alex
> [1] https://github.com/alexandrepujol/pass-import
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