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Sun Jan 29 14:49:28 CET 2017

On 29/01/2017 12:18, Emil Lundberg wrote:
> If you use gpg-agent, you can instead use `git log -p <filename>`, 
> which shows you the diff for each commit in the log. Git will 
> automagically decrypt the files before diffing.
"Binary files a/xxx.gpg and b/xxx.gpg differ" - some .gitconfig magic is 
required to make it happen. After some googling and tweaking:

git config --global diff.gpg.textconv "gpg --decrypt --use-agent"
echo "*.gpg filter=gpg diff=gpg" >> ~/.gitattributes

But here's a scenario where this doesn't work. You are in a team; all 
your files are encrypted to A, B and C. After a while, new team member D 
comes along. You 'pass init A B C D' to re-encrypt to repository. 
However, D still does not have any access to the previous versions of 
each file.

Re-writing the *entire* git history to re-encrypt every previous 
revision is not an easy task.



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