Announcing a new Browser addon: passB

Lenz Weber mail at
Thu Nov 30 23:40:50 CET 2017

Hi Nathan,

screenshots are a great idea, I'll add some in the next few days.

I know passff, have contributed to it over the past few years and know
the code base quite well. The problem with passff at the current moment
is that it was originally written as a XUL addon using some now
deprecated SpiderMonkey-specific Javascript-Features and then ported to
WebExtensions and thus is in need of some serious refactoring. As far as
I know there is at least one attempt by the current maintainers to
completely refactor it, but that branch has not seen any new commits in
the last 6 months.

After a while I just decided to roll a new attempt of a pass addon - I
just think starting off with a clean slate and modern technology is the
easiest way to get rid of a lot of old ballast. Also, I could do some
design decisions that just were 'too late' in the passff context. (like
Dependency Injection for better testability)

As for OTP: yes that is a planned feature and from the passB side, it's
quite easy to integrate for example with tadfisher/pass-otp. The only
problem is that it's currently not really possible to detect which files
contain OTP tokens, so all I could currently do is offer the "generate
OTP" menu option for every entry, or decrypt every single entry when
passB scans for pass entries. Both of those are not really solutions I
would enjoy doing.
So either I'm gonna add an extension for passB that maybe offers otp for
all entries that follow a naming convention of .otp - which would be
kind of a hack, or I'll wait for tadfisher to implement some sort of
`pass otp ls` command that somehow caches that information - which I
currently would prefer most.

For the state on OTP, you can watch - I'll update that with every
progress or decision.

Another feature that is already implemented is an extension that allows
you to display the password as a QR code to scan it to your smartphone.

Well, that got quite long - I hope I answered your questions :)


PS: I don't mean to offend any of the maintainers/contributors of
passff. Passff is a great tool that I've used for many years, and I
loved it. Almost all of the statements above are statements that have
been made by the maintainers themselves in various github issues, so I
hope this is not seen as me blaming it in any way.

Am 30.11.2017 um 20:10 schrieb Nathan A:
>> Really looking forward to your Feedback,
> This looks cool. I think it would be beneficial to have screen shots
> of the addon in practice.
> Could you explain how this is different from passff[0] ?Does this
> support pass otp? ( something passff lacks currently )
> [0]

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