Announcing a new Browser addon: passB

Nathan A nathan.aclander at
Thu Nov 30 23:58:42 CET 2017

> After a while I just decided to roll a new attempt of a pass addon - I
> just think starting off with a clean slate and modern technology is the
> easiest way to get rid of a lot of old ballast. Also, I could do some
> design decisions that just were 'too late' in the passff context. (like
> Dependency Injection for better testability)

That makes sense.

> As for OTP: yes that is a planned feature and from the passB side, it's
> quite easy to integrate for example with tadfisher/pass-otp. The only
> problem is that it's currently not really possible to detect which files
> contain OTP tokens, so all I could currently do is offer the "generate
> OTP" menu option for every entry, or decrypt every single entry when
> passB scans for pass entries. Both of those are not really solutions I
> would enjoy doing.
> So either I'm gonna add an extension for passB that maybe offers otp for
> all entries that follow a naming convention of .otp - which would be
> kind of a hack, or I'll wait for tadfisher to implement some sort of
> `pass otp ls` command that somehow caches that information - which I
> currently would prefer most.

>From my understanding there is some semi-standard way to store metadata,
as long as the password is on the first line. Subsequent lines can have the
OTP: qualifier, or something similar.

Personally what I am currently doing is storing the otp string separately, and
I have to revert back to using the Pass CLI whenever I want to use it.
So for example I would have:

acount/name at

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