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Am 28.01.2018 um 05:55 schrieb Greg Minshall:
> may be less secure than exposing one large, known-format, file,

You could do that easily by using just one big file.

I use this for remote storage, but you might not find support with

> Package: git-remote-gcrypt
> Depends: git, gnupg | gnupg2
> Recommends: rsync, curl
> Homepage:
> Description: encrypted git repositories
>  This lets git store git repositories in encrypted form.
>  It supports storing repositories on rsync or sftp servers.
>  It can also store the encrypted git repository inside a remote git
>  repository. All the regular git commands like git push and git pull
>  can be used to operate on such an encrypted repository.
>  .
>  The aim is to provide confidential, authenticated git storage and
>  collaboration using typical untrusted file hosts or services.

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