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Tue Jan 30 22:15:45 CET 2018

Dear all,

I’m the author of Pass for iOS.

Thanks for your interests on Pass for iOS. The origin of the app was from the need of mine, and there was no good option at that time. I choose to create my own app. The app have some essential functions and works well most of the time. It is an open source project. Yishi and I are actively polishing the app. I also subscribed the Apple Developer program ($99/year) to publish the app in App Store. I am very happy to see the growth of the app. Therefore, I hope the community can help us.
  1. Please feel free to submit an issue to the GitHub repo, and patiently wait me to try my best to solve/close it.
  2. Submit PRs to us to solve a small issue.

Thank you so much.


> On Jan 30, 2018, at 4:40 AM, Greg Minshall <minshall at> wrote:
> Guthrie, Ben, Kenny, Martin,
> thanks for all the replies.  mass itemized reply (inconsequential).
> 1. yes, it's Mingshen Sun's ios app i was looking at.
> 2. i should figure out multiple keys in general, for password-store in
> particular.  (gpg* scares me (**).)  that would probably be a win, given my
> level of paranoia.
> 3. i don't encrypt e-mails.  (more paranoia: it's going to end up as
> plain text on Bob's computer and i can't really think of a Bob i trust
> -- including Alice, i.e., me -- not to leak, allow leaking. :)
> 4. thanks for the (two separate!) pointers to git-remote-gcrypt.  i
> guess too bad it's not yet an option.  (nor tomb.)
> 5. the idea of using a private git repo host makes sense.
> (i *said* "inconsequential", right? :)
> again, thanks.  cheers, Greg
> (**) pulpit: i hate that gpg* will leave a decrypted file laying around
> without warnings, flashing lights, etc.  it should at *least* require a
> single, dedicated "--LEAK" flag, something like that.  otherwise, the
> idiot new user (me) is likely to leak left, right, and center.
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