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On 11/26, pablo1+pass at wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if someone has found a way to integrate pass in
> weechat.
> Weechat's config doesn't allow to sepecify external programs to be
> run. There is a issue on the github page
> ( for this problem, but
> I don't have much hope of it being implemented soon.
> Their approach seems to be their own "secure storage", but I would
> like to use pass, since I have everything in there already.
> Has someone found a workaround? Any weechat users?
> Cheers,
> Pablo

The workaround I use in my dotfiles[0] is simply letting weechat have
it's fancy secure storage and providing the passphrase via pass:

$ WEECHAT_PASSPHRASE="$(pass personal/weechat)" weechat

Then turn the salt off in sec.conf:

salt = off

so weechat doesn't re-salt everything all the time.

It's not pretty, but works very well.




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