Use password-store with weechat

Tharre tharre3 at
Mon Nov 26 21:37:26 CET 2018

On 11/26, pablo1 at wrote:
> Well, that gets rid of the prompt at login, but does not avoid having
> passwords in the weechat config.
> Even though it is encrypted with a passphrase, I want to keep all my
> passwords in *one* place - pass.

I hear you, I'd like that too. But alas, this is currently not supported
by weechat.

> Would it be possible to get weechat config strings from environment
> variables? i.e. having a FREENODE_PASS var e.g.?

No, sadly that is not possible.

> That would at least get rid of the passwords inside weechats
> config files, though I don't know if exposing passwords as environment
> variables is a good idea, as any application could read them.

If you do it like


only application (and briefly your shell) can read SECRET_PASSWORD.



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