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Tue Jul 9 12:17:26 CEST 2019

I wrote a little extension as well (pass meta) and added a script called
metamenu that does exactly this, using dmenu: either open the page, retrieve the
password, or retrieve the username. See:

The (as yet undocumented) script for dmenu is here:

I use it as follows in my i3 config:

# Copy a pwd to clipboard
bindsym $mod+k exec passmenu
# Copy a pwd to clipboard and paste it in the current window
bindsym $mod+shift+k exec passmenu --type

# Copy a username to clipboard
bindsym $mod+u exec metamenu
# Copy a username to clipboard and paste it in the current window
bindsym $mod+shift+u exec metamenu --type

# Open a url for a given password entry
bindsym $mod+o exec metamenu --openurl

John Gliksberg writes:

>> In some cases it may be better to share a script that calls pass, rather than try to patch pass itself. This way, everyone may customize it for their own repository layout and unique use case.
> If I understand correctly, this is about choosing line2 == username.
> TBF, this is a patch to passmenu and not pass, and passmenu already
> presumes line1 == pwd, even though pass's manpage shows an example
> (“awesome”) multiline password. It does seem reasonable to extend this
> logic the way Alexander does.
>> The quite amazing rofi-pass does this already with a sensible format:
> Thanks, interesting info. Passmenu still makes sense for dmenu users though.
> I'm inserting two proposed patches: my take on Alexander's version but
> in a --type-and-copy scheme (I took the liberty of replacing the
> --type-fully scheme rather than just extending it, because IMO it
> replaces the need for it), followed by a proposal to improve
> readability of the passmenu script in general.
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