standardizing user field in pass?

Maxim Baz browserpass at
Sun Mar 3 20:07:37 CET 2019

(resubmitting to mailing list)

Hi Antoine,

Thanks for the ping!

>  * browserpass expects this: "Your password filename must match your
>    username [] or your file must have a line starting
>    with login:, user: or username:, followed by your username"

That's right, let me just add that browserpass is case-insensitive
(so "Username:" is also supported) and in v3 we additionally added "email:"

> This is silly and should be standardized.
> Considering it's the current common ground for the two extensions I have
> tested, I would propose we standardize on the following:

To be honest I personally don't feel the need to choose one "superior" prefix and
discourage all the rest, but I would agree that all extensions should at least
support the example demonstrated on the pass website. Personally I also prefer
"user:" to the current "Username:", but I don't feel strongly about it,
and in any case browserpass already supports both.

> > Other extensions might also have
> > userd "login: " or "username: " (case-insensitive) but those are now
> > discouraged.

I'll just say that browserpass will not lose support for existing prefixes
even if they become discouraged on pass website, I don't want to break
existing users' setup.

Maxim Baz
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