standardizing user field in pass?

Antoine Beaupré anarcat at
Sun Mar 3 17:44:36 CET 2019


I have a problem: two different pass extensions use the pass database to
store the username, and both of those expect it to be stored in a
different way. The pass website proposes a *third* different way. There
are probably much such divergences, but this is what I know of the tools
I inspected (authors in cc):

 * browserpass expects this: "Your password filename must match your
   username [] or your file must have a line starting
   with login:, user: or username:, followed by your username"

 * rofi-pass expects a "user: " line but also supports usernames in the
   path ( like browserpass

 * the pass website suggests storing the user in a separate line
   prefixed with "Username: " (notice the capital U) but also mentions
   using a directory structure without explicitely proposing a naming scheme

This is silly and should be standardized.

Considering it's the current common ground for the two extensions I have
tested, I would propose we standardize on the following:

> User names can be specified in password files, in a separate line
> prefixed with "user: " lowercase. Other extensions might also have
> userd "login: " or "username: " (case-insensitive) but those are now
> discouraged. Alternatively, the username can be specified as the
> filename in a subdirectory (for example in for
> logging in with the user "username" on site "").

How does that sound?

Thanks for your time,


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