Calculate Linux

Steve Harriss steve at
Sat Apr 4 12:42:51 CEST 2020

Frustrating time with setting up pass on a new Calculate Linux (Gentoo
based) laptop.

Everything is working apart from filename completion!

I use zsh, as I do on all my other PC's without issue. Pass find and
search will bring up relevant entries but - pass startoffile just
brings up the error 'No matches for: `file''

This comes from my .zshrc file.

Can anyone point out where/how I can rectify this issue.

[ -f ~/.fzf.zsh ] && source ~/.fzf.zsh
export PATH=$PATH:/home/steveh/.cargo/bin

# Completion
autoload -U promptinit && promptinit
autoload -U compinit compdef && compinit

# Prompt
prompt gentoo

# Reverse search
bindkey -v

# Correction
setopt correctall
setopt autocd 
setopt autopushd
setopt pushdignoredups
setopt extendedglob
setopt histreduceblanks
setopt histignorespace
setopt histignorealldups
setopt alwaystoend

# History
[ -z "$HISTFILE" ] && HISTFILE="$HOME/.history"

zstyle ':completion::complete:*' use-cache 1
zstyle ':completion:*:descriptions' format '%U%B%d%b%u'
zstyle ':completion:*:warnings' format '%F{RED}No matches
for:''%F{YELLOW} %d'$DEFAULT



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