GPG ID Set Outside of `.gpg-id`?

Nathan Lilienthal nathan at
Sun Apr 5 22:23:45 CEST 2020

As I understand things `~/.password-store/.gpg-id` file is used to
determine which GPG ID/fingerprint to use for encryption/decryption of
pass contents. However, while testing things out, I've both emptied,
and deleted the `.gpg-id` file (and verified no other `.gpg-id` files
exist on my system), and yet `pass` still prompts me for a password
for a GPG key of the correct ID.

Is `~/.password-store/.gpg-id` (and mentioned subdirectories) the only
place this ID is supposed to be set? How is it possible things
continue to work after deleting this file? Or are only *new* passwords
using this file? I've noticed I cannot create new passwords in this

- N8

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