pass migrate

J Rt jean.rblt at
Wed Apr 8 14:28:21 CEST 2020

Dear all,

Is there a way to easily 'migrate' pass from a GPG key to another?

Something like:

- I have a pass store encoded with GPG key ID1.

- For some reason I want to move from GPG key ID1 to GPG key ID2. For
example, I lost my private key backup for ID1, and I only have 1 GPG
smartcard containing the secret key ID1. As I will loose it / it will
break some day in the future, I then need to 'migrate' to GPG key ID2.

- I therefore want to issue a command like "pass migrate ID1 ID2".

- After this is done, pass store is now encoded with GPG key ID2 instead of ID1.

My question is then: is there such a command allowing to perform the
'migrate' step without hazzle?



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