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Artur Juraszek artur at
Wed Apr 8 14:39:46 CEST 2020

> My question is then: is there such a command allowing to perform the
> 'migrate' step without hazzle?

There is!
Surprisingly it's what 'pass init' can do, copy-pasting an excerpt from the manpage:

  init [ --path=sub-folder, -p sub-folder ] gpg-id...
         Initialize new password storage and use gpg-id for encryption. Multiple gpg-ids  may
         be specified, in order to encrypt each password with multiple ids. This command must
         be run first before a password store can be used. If the specified gpg-id is differ-
         ent  from the key used in any existing files, these files will be reencrypted to use
         the new id.  Note that use of gpg-agent(1) is recommended so that the batch  decryp-
         tion does not require as much user intervention. If --path or -p is specified, along
         with an argument, a specific gpg-id or set of gpg-ids is assigned for that  specific
         sub  folder  of  the password store. If only one gpg-id is given, and it is an empty
         string, then the current .gpg-id file for the specified sub-folder (or root  if  un-
         specified) is removed.

Artur Juraszek
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