Help with pass automation + organizations

Wayne waxandwayner at
Sat Dec 5 13:36:47 CET 2020

Here's something I do in 1password I'd love to figure out how to do in pass:
0) unlock password manager
1) select entry for specific website / URL
2) website's BasicAuth browser pop-up is entered
3) page loads and username & password are entered
4) page loads and the OTP is automatically entered

Possible (if only in part)? It is such a time saver!

P.S. Hopefully I can squeeze in this question for using pass with
organizations. Is it recommended to use 1 git repo per organization?
Is this the recommended process?

Automatic upon updating a password:
1) git add & commit? 2) git push

Automatic upon unlocking pass:
1) git pull

Would love to hear your processes & automation around this!
Big thanks to all pass devs! :)

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