Help with pass automation + organizations

Journeyman password-store at
Sat Dec 5 13:52:52 CET 2020

Wayne writes:

> Here's something I do in 1password I'd love to figure out how to do in pass:
> 0) unlock password manager
> 1) select entry for specific website / URL
> 2) website's BasicAuth browser pop-up is entered
> 3) page loads and username & password are entered
> 4) page loads and the OTP is automatically entered

For all these points you can use this browser extension:

Note: it is *strongly* discouraged generating OTP tokens from the
browser extension (the rationale being: don't keep passwords and OTP secrets in
the same basket).

> P.S. Hopefully I can squeeze in this question for using pass with
> organizations. Is it recommended to use 1 git repo per organization?
> Is this the recommended process?
> Automatic upon updating a password:
> 1) git add & commit? 2) git push
> Automatic upon unlocking pass:
> 1) git pull

You can easily manage a git repo with your passwords
using pass itself; have a look at man 1 pass [0], section "EXTENDED GIT EXAMPLE".

I think I would organize one git repository per organization (or
workgroup) so you can use different gpg keys (and I'm not sure if pass
could even handle multiple gpg keys inside the same git repository).



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