Help with pass automation + organizations

Ryan Nowakowski tubaman at
Mon Dec 21 16:24:26 CET 2020

On December 5, 2020 6:52:52 AM CST, Journeyman <password-store at> wrote:
>Wayne writes:
>> organizations. Is it recommended to use 1 git repo per organization?
>> Is this the recommended process?
>> Automatic upon updating a password:
>> 1) git add & commit? 2) git push
>> Automatic upon unlocking pass:
>> 1) git pull
>You can easily manage a git repo with your passwords
>using pass itself; have a look at man 1 pass [0], section "EXTENDED GIT
>I think I would organize one git repository per organization (or
>workgroup) so you can use different gpg keys (and I'm not sure if pass
>could even handle multiple gpg keys inside the same git repository).

You definitely can. Look at the path option to init:

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