Supplying GPG key password into Pass command

password-store at password-store at
Sun Feb 9 18:04:47 CET 2020

Am 09.02.20 um 12:24 schrieb Emil Lundberg:
> My solution to this problem is to use Syncthing [1] to replicate my
> password store to all my machines, including my phone

Does that require to store sensitive data (e.g. your GPG private key) on
your mobile device in order to decrypt passwords? If yes, I would argue
whether I would trust or not my mobile device for that task.

If I understood correctly, OP is trying to accomplish a homemade version
of 1Password. I don't have clear the details, but having private GPG key
and encrypted passwords on the same location or sending the passphrase
through the network wouldn't make me feel comfortable.

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