Windows implementation of passwordstore in pure batch

Miquel Lionel lionelmiquel at
Sun Feb 9 22:17:07 CET 2020

Hello to all the password-store mailing list,

  Seeing no satisfying command line alternatives for Windows on the page, I decided to quickly put together a batch script that mirrors my uses of pass on unix systems.
It behaves like pass on most of cases, my preferred thing being the clip switch.
So, it supports :
	* making dirs in the password store
	* tree like display of directory and content of theses
	* inserting,deleting passwords and password directory, with or without prompts
	* clipping a specific line of the password file
	* PASSWORD_STORE_DIR and PASSWORD_STORE_KEY environnement variable, as they're the most important ones.
	* .gpgid file to indicate which key to use in case of PASSWORD_STORE_KEY not set
	* viewing passwords

And I think that's all for the moment.

There's still things to fix : can't have spaced password names, absolutely no security against shouldersurfing, and many other things that I didn't put my finger on yet.
But it does the job for me.

Kind regards,
Miquel Lionel <lionelmiquel at>

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