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Steve Gilberd steve at
Sat Feb 29 14:18:51 CET 2020

A useful idea, however if this happens, could it please be optional.

I commonly insert or update several records in quick succession - the last
thing I want is an additional step for every commit to my password store.


On Sun, 1 Mar 2020, 01:28 Gianluca Recchia, <gianluca.recchia97 at>

> Hi,
> I like how pass works overall and the way it integrates with Git is great!
> However, there's one thing that I find slightly annoying: the default
> commit message is often not very descriptive of the change I made to an
> entry and I often find myself having to amend the commit in order to
> change the message.
> I believe it would be an improvement in user experience if the user were
> given the ability to edit the commit message before committing, perhaps
> using the prepare-commit-msg hook to prefill the message buffer with
> what the default message would be, so that the user would only need to
> exit the editor if they're okay with the default message. Alternatively
> this could be optional in the local .gitconfig and overridable only for
> one command through a flag.
> Best regards,
> Gianluca
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