[PATCH] Add XDG Base Directory support

Hugo Hörnquist hugo at lysator.liu.se
Tue Jun 2 14:17:13 CEST 2020

I realy like the `pass prefix` idea. It's often way to much work to
find the files for different programs.

On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 07:02:46AM +0700, Allan Odgaard wrote:
> On 22 May 2020, at 4:26, Nicolai Dagestad wrote:
> > If people can take a look at this and see if it breaks something we
> > could
> > maybe advance a little on this debat.
> The way you find the password store is inconsistent across these patches.
> Some will check `~/.password-store` even when `PASSWORD_STORE_DIR` is set,
> others will not.
> Some will check `~/.local/share/password-store` even when `XDG_DATA_HOME` is
> set, others will not.
> This idea about migrating to XDG Base Directory with backwards compatibility
> seems messy: The great thing about `pass` is the simplicity of the password
> storage, in this patch, the fish completion file now use a 12 line helper
> function to find the location of where files are stored.
> I would suggest:
> 1. Write an exact specification of how one should obtain the password
> storage.
> 2. Add a `prefix` command to `pass` that output this directory, and use in
> the helper scripts.
> 3. For helper scripts that cannot call `$(pass prefix)`: write the simplest
> possible code to obtain the directory (conformant to the specification) and
> use that consistently across them all.
> Regarding the first item: It should also cover the case where no directory
> is found, i.e. what would `pass init` use?

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