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On 2020-06-16 7:45 a.m., jaan vaks wrote:
> I'm new in the list and scrolled back a few months to see if I could
> find  living thread about how to utilize multiple password stores. I
> didn't.
> I currently have 2 stores but would like to use more in other
> collaboration constellations. I use the awesome passmenu client and
> that's where my trouble begin.
> I have an alias which specify a different store directory but in that
> store bash completion does not work which makes it very tedious to
> work with.
> Does anyone else have the need for several stores and if that case how
> did you solve this?
> I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty and help out, do you have any
> suggestions on where to add such a feature? Would it only be in the
> completion section or does it require a more in depth change?

I'm currently using this same setup with an alias (although I must admin
that I find the idea of using direnv that was mentioned in the thread
interesting). I have no idea wrt passmenu though (I'm not sure what it
is :\ )

In order to have bash completion for the alias, I've created a file
~/.bash_completion with this inside:

. /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/pass

_kpass() {
  # trailing / is required for the password-store dir.
  PASSWORD_STORE_DIR=~/.password-store-ksomething/ _pass

complete -o filenames -o nospace -F _kpass kpass

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