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On Mar 2, 2020, at 10:33 AM, Christian Weiss <news_001 at> wrote:
> So please make some suggestions of what text would help you when planing to revert to an earlyer commit.
> I guess "Field X,Y,Z updated. Field M dropped, Field T added", is something that would help you, but for others this is maybe already to mutch details disclosed.
> So maybe a .pass file with optional flags for the commit message generator is one way to implement it at password-store level.

From what I read here, adding a command line option -e/--edit to open the editor with the specified message would suffice.  I suggest -e/--edit because it is the git option to do the same.

Pass could easily do the same for “git commit” --template and/or --message options.

> I guess a full revert of the whole repo e.g. 50 commits back to the past is not what you are looking for. I guess you are looking for restoring an old version of a specific password (file/path) - a re-commit of an older version of a password/file instead of a full rollback of the repo to a certain point in time (would result in loosing all other changes made to other passwords in between).
> I would like to see a "password-file history" in pass (only commits that belongs to that file, not all commits) within pass with the option to select one for restore (while leaving the file-history 100% complete).
> Or are you asking for just good commit messages and doing it directly in git?

The "git log” command does this already for a directory or a file, if you specify it.  Like the --edit above, this could be a pass command (extension?) that makes “pass history” a wrapper for “git log ~/.password-store/”.

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