Allow to edit the commit message

Gianluca Recchia gianluca.recchia97 at
Tue Mar 3 08:06:32 CET 2020

Hi John,

That is basically what I was thinking. Something totally non intrusive 
for those with already a defined workflow and that can be optionally 
enabled. By default, pass will keep doing what it's been doing up until 
this point and the user would have the option to use the -e/--edit flag 
to open the editor to manually enter a commit message before committing. 
Pass already has a custom option in the local config, which is 
pass.signcommits, a pass.editcommits could be added in the same fashion 
to make pass behave as if the -e/--edit flag was used, where applicable.

Gianluca Recchia

On 3/3/20 1:55 AM, John Franklin wrote:
> From what I read here, adding a command line option -e/--edit to open 
> the editor with the specified message would suffice.  I suggest 
> -e/--edit because it is the git option to do the same.

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