Extension: pass-mount 0.1.0 released

Johannes Larsen mail at johslarsen.net
Sat Mar 7 17:39:16 CET 2020

2020-03-06 21:18:52 -0500, William Morris <me at williammorris.com> wrote:
> Initial `udisks` support has been added to
> [pass-mount](https://github.com/HXR/pass-mount) version 0.1.0

Interesting, I might consider using something like this. Today I am
using pass directly in scripts for unlocking disks with:

  pass <entry> | cryptsetup open <dev> <entry> --key-file=-

And it should be noted that the keyfiles from these approaches differs
slightly. When using `pass show` the output will always end with a
newline, whilst your script stripped that off.

It was easy to change my keyfiles to your udisks format. First try did
not work because of the lack of newline, but it worked flawlessly when I
changed the script to use: printf '%s\n' as the keyfile instead.

It is not important to me whether or not there is a newline at the end,
I just thought it was useful to note that not having it make your
approach incompatible with using `pass show` directly.

johs (Johannes Larsen), (+47) 41435451

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