auto completion with tab: separate commands and tree structure

J Rt jean.rblt at
Sat Mar 28 20:20:56 CET 2020

Sounds good. I will send a patch.

I think I will add colour too (as an option with a flag at file start,
red commands, blue options, green folders, normal individual entries
or something like that) and then send a patch in addition to :) .

lør. 28. mar. 2020, 18:32 skrev Reed Wade <reedwade at>:
> > FYI, here is the new autocompletion script I am now using on my
> > machine. It shows in order 1) the commands 2) the options 3) the paths
> > / files. Each of 1) 2) and 3) is internally sorted. Let me know if you
> > want to merge into master / how I should perform a push request on
> > your self-hosted repo :)
> Amazing!
> I could recommend you to submit this as a git patch with contexts and
> futher explanations to this mailing list (outside of this thread
> context).
> This is not a MR based workflow as in Github/Gitlab. Patches are the best
> way to start futher reviews and analysis. Maintainers and volonters will
> try to give returns back as possible.
> And maybe, someday, we will have a new official release, maybe ;P

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