curious: why use own hosting rather than github?

Christian Weiss news_001 at
Thu May 21 09:12:09 CEST 2020

Just for the record:
I vote for github.

You simply missed all opportunities to make me involved in issues, pull 
requests and discussions.
Not having password-store on github has raise the hurdle that high, that 
i never contributed / participated for the last years.

If you think github will eventually close someday in the future then, 
why not deal with that when that point in time is here. Solving a not 
yet existing issue is like not following the YAGNI principle. Git is 
decentralized so you always have a backup - and backuping 
issues/discussions should not be a problem.

After having enough pain with one issue i joined the mailing list.
But having this mailing list now for some month makes me so frustrated 
and feels so as being in the 80's that i now leave this f**ing mailing list.

You lost me. I will rejoin when you are on github. Please reconsider the 
user experience of your community. I guess some of them got used to it, 
but i doubed that they are happy.

Best regards

On 30.03.20 10:43, J Rt wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am curious about why a self-hosting rather than github hosting
> solution was chosen for this project. Is it offering better safety /
> is this legacy / is it a way to keep too poor devs away? ^^ .
> Cheers,
> JR

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