curious: why use own hosting rather than github?

Eddie Barraco reedwade at
Thu May 21 10:41:06 CEST 2020

Good morning Christian,

On Thu May 21, 2020 at 11:12 AM CEST, Christian Weiss wrote:
> You simply missed all opportunities to make me involved in issues, pull
> requests and discussions.
> Not having password-store on github has raise the hurdle that high, that
> i never contributed / participated for the last years.

I don't really understand how PR/Discussion differs from mailing list.
Features are the same and you can use any UI you like. It is de facto
better in any ways for me.

> If you think github will eventually close someday in the future then,
> why not deal with that when that point in time is here. Solving a not
> yet existing issue is like not following the YAGNI principle. Git is
> decentralized so you always have a backup - and backuping
> issues/discussions should not be a problem.

I think your point is "you fear that you don't own the infrastructures
behind the forge" so you cannot backup, maintains or take charge of it
if github closes someday.

I don't think this is a point for anyone here. As I'll say later and as
you said it clearly, the code is the code. We can still push the repo in
a new forge if needed.

> But having this mailing list now for some month makes me so frustrated
> and feels so as being in the 80's that i now leave this f**ing mailing
> list.

You'r tools probably arent adapted for development mailing list
workflows. I'll not extrapolate more on this but I can understand peoples
telling mailing list sucks on major web apps mailing ui that are
categorised "new generation" and if they use git kraken by example.

If you don't perceive why we still use mailing list instead of centralized
forges yes, you should probably leave. But I honestly recommend you to
take some time to (at minimum) understand the reason that pushes people
to not put their project on Github. You still are free to not agree with

> You lost me. I will rejoin when you are on github. Please reconsider the
> user experience of your community. I guess some of them got used to it,
> but i doubed that they are happy.

You really lost me on this too. In foss open sources project we do not
depends on any forge platforms. The code is the code and I can be hosted
in multiple ways in differents states. You still are free to clone the
code on any of your forge to works / comments / debate about code if you
respect the licence. No one in the foss community will complaint about

And I'm really are happy that some great projects as pass still use
independent hosting solutions. Diversity is wealth.

I think the point of your message is that your vision of "projects"
differs from our. This is a common debate of The Cathedral vs The Bazaar
model. Have a look at :

I'm not trying to convince anyone but to explain why I think pass could
stay independant and why this choice got values.


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