curious: why use own hosting rather than github?

Rémi Lapeyre remi.lapeyre at
Thu May 21 12:51:29 CEST 2020

>> You lost me. I will rejoin when you are on github. Please reconsider the
>> user experience of your community. I guess some of them got used to it,
>> but i doubed that they are happy.
> You really lost me on this too. In foss open sources project we do not
> depends on any forge platforms.

I think Christian finds the absence of a bug tracker an issue to have a global view of the work being done on pass. While many foss projects don’t rely on proprietary platforms, some do have a bug tracker like Python (, GDB (

PostgreSQL for example, do all development and review in a mailing list like you do, but has that tells you exactly on what people are currently working and what is the status of the patches.

While I absolutely appreciate pass a lot, and find this mailing list very active and helpful, can you tell what two patches I sent that fixed issues that *completely* broke pass on my systems?

A bug tracker (which can be used in foss, even when using cgit) would give the answer immediately and I wouldn’t be afraid that those patches will be forgotten and stay forever in the mailing list archive without being ever committed.


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