curious: why use own hosting rather than github?

Nicolai Dagestad nicolai at
Thu May 21 13:26:34 CEST 2020

> You simply missed all opportunities to make me involved in issues, pull
> requests and discussions.

Nobody here missed an opportunity to make you involved, you did.

> Not having password-store on github has raise the hurdle that high, that
> i never contributed / participated for the last years.

How is `git format-path` followed by sending an email any harder then
pushing to you repo and opening a pull request. It doesn't seem like you really
want to contribute to something unless you can do it without changing anything
in your life...
Do you also force project to use your own coding style because you don't like
theirs ?

> If you think github will eventually close someday in the future then,
> why not deal with that when that point in time is here. Solving a not
> yet existing issue is like not following the YAGNI principle. Git is
> decentralized so you always have a backup - and backuping
> issues/discussions should not be a problem.

There are many reasons for not wanting to use github, even if you kept all the
code becaus it is decentralized, you'd still loose all the issues raised. Right
now everything is in the mailling list archive, and I have to admit it is a pain
to have to go through it to find what has been talked about in the past, maybe
we could do something about that (or maybe I haven't foud the feature that make
it easy)

> You lost me. I will rejoin when you are on github. Please reconsider the
> user experience of your community.

I, for one, am happy to not have somebody that use cohersion to get what he
wants in this community.

> I guess some of them got used to it, but i doubed that they are happy.

I am one of those user, and not an 40ish long bearded NIX guy but a 20ish short
bearded NIX one, and I am very happy pass isn't hosted on github.


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