[featurerequest] comments in .gpg-id files

Arthur Lutz arthur.lutz at logilab.fr
Thu Sep 24 17:02:53 CEST 2020


First of, thanks to all developers and contributors to pass. We have a
few avid users at our company, and personal users too.

We're starting to use pass for team sharing of secrets with the
folder/.gpg-id segmentation that enables us to share secrets for
selected users. We've just started but it's looking good.

We're storing it in a mercurial repo and using PASSWORD_STORE_DIR to
point to that directory.

One thing that would be neat (and maybe is already possible) would be to
have comments in the .gpg-id file to indicate who the key belongs to.
Going from :

  cat teamA/.gpg-id


  cat teamA/.gpg
  # bob
  # alice

Thanks for your attention and feedback.


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